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Ways to protect original content on the Internet 🔏🌐

As lawyers specializing in INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, we are increasingly facing with consultations and crimes about this right in the world of the internet. Therefore, after consulting with our professional team, today we draw up a list in which we put together a series of tips to protect your original contents on the net 🔏🌐 Our […]

How has Thermomix proven Lidl´s plagiarism?

It is a famous case in recent weeks and is a current affair. Thermomix, a brand of the Vorwerk group, has had a great war against Monsieur Cuisine, Lidl’s kitchen robot, which they accused of plagiarism. As expert lawyers in patents and trademarks, we talk today about the result of this pulse that Thermomix has […]

BREIXT & Industrial property: End of transition period

The UK has now left the European Union and the so-called ‘transition period’ has now ended. As a result, new EU trademark and registered design filings no longer cover the UK and UK legal practitioners are no longer be able to represent before EUIPO. CASAS ASIN, as always, extending its helping hands more than ever […]

International associations to which CASAS ASIN belongs and the importance of being associated with them

As we have previously commented in articles related to our work in the international arena, our INTELLECTUAL AND INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY law firm belongs to different international associations with high influence on this matter worldwide. In this communication we want to present these different entities, giving them the value, they deserve, as well as reflecting the […]

The designation of origin as an industrial property right 🖊

As lawyers specialized in INDUSTRIAL AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, within our different services we offer a complete consultancy within the field of denominations of origin. This instrument is used to protect different food or beverage products through a reference that their own place of origin confers. On the market, the fact that a product has a […]

What is a trademark for?

At CASAS ASIN, asINDUSTRIAL AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY lawyers,we are very aware of the value of the trademarks we work for every day. Many citizens, outside this world, do not know the real value that a brand can have and its relationship with the success of a company. If someone knows how to take into account […]

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Gambling regulation

It is a fact that more and more people are users of websites or establishments where they participate in gambling or betting, and that is why in our country we have seen the need to regularize this type of activity. The role of gambling in Spain is undeniable, with the number of establishments that have […]

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New year, new Nice Classification

On January 1, 2020, the 2020 version of the eleventh edition of the Nice Classification will take effect. The World Intellectual Property Organization (hereinafter, WIPO) has announced that with the entry of the new year 2020, the new version of the eleventh edition of the International Classification of Products and Services for the Registration of […]


Trademark protection in Africa: Ethiopia

Ethiopia has experienced an increase in applications for trademark rights registrations worldwide given its economic development. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa after Nigeria. Its capital, as well as its largest and most populous city, is Addis Ababa. It borders to the north with Eritrea, to the […]